Learn Urdu in Your Spare Time!


Is a great place to go if you are interested in learning a few of the languages from India. This site is the Digital South Asian Library from Chicago University. That link takes you to the listing scroll down to Pedagogical books for language instruction and there you will see the listing for two volumes of text teaching you the beautiful Urdu language. It is a highly poetic and therefor romantic language. I don't speak any Urdu but I enjoy Urdu songs and poems greatly. This list also contains books to teach you Oriya and Bengali. I have saved the best for last. It also features a text to teach Telugu which is also an important artistic language in India. The area where Telugu is spoken is the birthplace of the most beautiful art form of Indian dance, Kuchipudi. So if you think you want to learn some fabulous dancing Telugu would be worth looking at and learning a few key words and phrases.

I'll write more about Kuchipudi later!


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