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Hello Kitty'ed Out!

Okay I think that I am a Hello Kitty nut, because if I see Hello Kitty my inner child is no longer inner. She becomes very much my entire being. There are several new Hello Kitty items that I simply must have to drool over... The Hello Kitty Ferrari, the Hello Kitty Wii and the Hello Kitty Luxury Bottled Water... in lavender of course!  *drools and falls off chair* I gotta get a better job and clear out my apartment to make room for all the new Hello Kitty goods coming in. I have no children, don't drink, don't party.. it's time to spoil myself... though I may want a different Hello Kitty car, a Ferrari wouldn't last on the bad St. Louis City streets.

More toys for the wanting...

These are more household toys that I think I must have in order to eat the things that I really like and love to eat.. and this way I'm in total control of what it is that is inside! No more pork or gelatin scares when I stuff them with cabbage and beef, or curried goat or spiced lamb! Yummy!!! Gyoza Maker toy!!! Why do I want this Alice toy? It's like having a cyber doll to play with and she responds.... and the youtube video didn't help... now I must have her... and I can practice my Japanese with her! Bonus!!! The best find ever!!!! Hello Kitty Camera!!! Fish shaped cream filled treats!!!! Sugar Bunnies soft ice cream maker, yes please!!!!! And of course a dough maker for breads and such... Okay the Sugar Bunnies have done it again with a chocolate fountain... oh yes please!

Easter Dolly Tea Party

This is Ansara at her first doll event, she's sitting on the front left hand side wearing a kimono that was loaned to her by a wonderful person who's name I don't remember but hopefully will soon see again and can then tell you all about her and the other great doll people i have met by joining Kukla's Dollhouse group on live journal. It was the most fun that I have had in years, i can not wait until the next event! This was from Easter weekend, sorry it took me so long to post it... currently we have two projects going for Ansara, the building of a closet or traveling garment box/storage and sheets to cover her bed. I lost the chords to my little Janome sew mini so I can get nothing done until I find them. Next week during my first off week from work the plan is to start simple and small and make her 1 pair of white socks, 1 pair of white tights and one pair of white stockings... i wonder how to make a garter belt.. for those stockings.... any suggestions?

Fun finally with Mirror!

SO I have finally taken some time to sit down and play with my Mirror doll. I need a new name for her, I am taking suggestions. Anyhow here are some pictures of some of the fun. This is phase one, the outfit is not yet complete. waiting to get my sewing machine back from a friend. Then it is on for real. This dress is being held together with pins. It's an alteration of a basic pattern i was working on, so now i want to see how many variations i can make out of the same pieces before going on to another pattern. Oh and I drew the pattern on paper and cut out the shapes based on her measurements. I'm teaching myself pattern drafting and garment construction. Books are great teachers when you don't have local friends with the same interests. We need a U. City Sewing Circle. Maybe i'll set one up when I move....