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More toys for the wanting...

These are more household toys that I think I must have in order to eat the things that I really like and love to eat.. and this way I'm in total control of what it is that is inside! No more pork or gelatin scares when I stuff them with cabbage and beef, or curried goat or spiced lamb! Yummy!!! Gyoza Maker toy!!! Why do I want this Alice toy? It's like having a cyber doll to play with and she responds.... and the youtube video didn't help... now I must have her... and I can practice my Japanese with her! Bonus!!! The best find ever!!!! Hello Kitty Camera!!! Fish shaped cream filled treats!!!! Sugar Bunnies soft ice cream maker, yes please!!!!! And of course a dough maker for breads and such... Okay the Sugar Bunnies have done it again with a chocolate fountain... oh yes please!