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Reaching out

Today I will reach out for help and assistance to make my dolly world better as well as my human world. I contacted Ms. A. Ivins of Belle Ami Fashions to assist me in any way she can to better assist myself. The letter I sent:

Greetings and salutations,
  First I would like to say that I am enamored of your work. Second that you are both an inspiration and a role model.Thirdly I am following down the rabbit hole behind you. I am looking for both a mentor "big sister" as well as a possible friend that shares my interests and can understand and appreciate why I will be doing the things that I am going to be doing. I want to make a series of gowns based on the french court prior to the revolution. I have made a set of pocket hoops but then wondered if all the layers were necessary for a doll as they were a human. I am African american and I have felt that I don't exist or have a face in history. My goal is to create a face using real women that existed in that time. Can you o…