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Toys I want to play with and eat the results!

Today's curiosity turned into research... as it usually does, while looking for a hello kitty pot I saw in the store last year I came across, this for a product called cute in the kitchen.
This is a blog that I discovered today much to my dismay, it reveals to me far too many cool and innovative things in Japan that I must have. These two toys in specific. Meltingpot is a place to go and see more Hello Kitty stuff that I must have to make the perfect cute little tea party complete with a host of cute foods. Meltingpot has even more stuff that i would like to have.

Purchase Links (if anyone loves the child in me as much as i do, feel free to buy toys like these for yourself or for me :P)

Sushi roll maker
Sandwich press
Soba maker
Cucumber mold

Somehow this led me to look up Bento Lunches. I remember them as a small child and I remember seeing them a lot as a young adult. Now that I am getting ready to be a wife I'm seriously considering getting into this healthier and alternative opti…