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Super-sized Food and Drink

So after spending a few hours in Chicago we finally got on the road to head to St. Louis. The plans to stay overnight in a hotel there fizzled with my nerves. Which was okay. We got back to St. Louis around 1 am. Mom had fixed us a Thanksgiving Feast. We returned her her car and fixed plates. Jens ad mom talked for a little while, dad and Jens talked for a little while and we were off with saran wrapped plates to my apartment. With little to no discussion, eating some food, and being exhausted we climbed into my bed and enjoyed the sleep of the dead for 3.5 hours. We then got up repacked my luggage set.. (hello kitty dark blue with brown) and headed to my best friend Tricia's house. We loaded into her car and we were off to Michigan to celebrate the 4th of July with her Grandparents. We hit Culver's  at every food stop on the way there. Sweet potato french fries and butter burgers... yummy. Jens commented at the first one how big the drinks were and how sweet compared to Finla…

New Interests

Forgive me for taking so long to post. Life has been hectic and instead of using ti to fuel my blogging I just took a nap.Well I am awake now. There is so much to tell you that I don't think I can fit it all into one blog post. So I will break it up by subject. In my personal life as always new highs and lows. Absolute highest high was the boyfriend Jens came all the way from Finland to spend the entire hotter then hell month of July with me.
   I can not express how honored and loved I felt when he told me he was getting on a plane and coming half way around the world to spend time with me. I guess I should back up and start at when/where/how we met.
2 years ago around April I was online hanging out in one of my best friends chat rooms on IRC and still healing from a not so happy relationship that left me feeling like I just wasn't enough. That yet again being black and female were 2 strikes against me. That if I had been anyone but myself it would have worked out and that of…