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Smt Sujatha Vinjamuri,
   I am so proud to know her. Honored again she was earlier this year for her commitment to dance and helping others.  Go Auntie Go!

Remiss Apologies and Kuchipudi

My Dearest 4 readers,
   I am very sorry to have left you neglected for some time now. There has been a lot going on in this world of mine. Most of it passable for okay and the rest of it failing to reach that mark. I am, (after a great deal of thought) going to begin again. I will blog about multiple subjects that interest me and help make me who I am. I will also blog about the things that will help me become who I want to be.

   Tonight I will be blogging about Kuchipudi dance. Kuchipudi is a South Indian Classical Ballet dance style. Follow the link for the wiki article. My introduction to Kuchipudi came at the tender age of 10 years old after dropping out of African dance class and switching to Belly dance. Belly dance was boring for me as I didn't have the body or the proper level of relaxation needed to study/dance it. While walking around the building on an errand I saw a girl near my age dancing in front of a mirror, doing things I had never seen before. It was elegant, r…
So Sunday was Mother's Day and we had a Dolly Playmates club meeting at Jenny's house. She is the president and Tricia's mother. It was fun there were new members there and that was fun and refreshing to have some new blood and new dolls in the group.It gave me a chance to really sit back and think about the doll hobby and the part  wish to play in it. No matter what  get into being a consumer is not where I want to fit.

After doing some inventory over both the people in my life and the resources I have collected over the past few years, I have come to understand that it is time to shit or get off the pot.  So when I re-enroll in school for August, Fashion classes are a must.. I know that I want to be a supplier of demands and a creator of beautiful things, both for myself and more so for dolls. Inspiration has struck and I have a ton of work ahead of me including writing much, much more. It is time for this girl of many talents to find hers and stick with it.
Forgive me for not posting regularly. I will work on fixing this. Part of my journey has come to an end and a new art is just beginning. After the depression of working one dead end job after another I have made a few decisions that will change the course of the rest of my life. I am going back to school. I need 3 classes to finish out my degree and I am going to go for it. Then I am going to get a masters degree in Library Sciences. While taking these three classes I will also be taking Fashion Design classes. I will start at Lindenwood University and then switch over to the new and now enrolling Art Institute of Saint Louis Fashion Academy. My SD sized dress form has arrived from China and I have all the tools  need to get started except a teacher.  So by trial and error I shall be doing this on my own until August when I get to step foot in a classroom!  The picture is Elyria wearing a porcelain dolls dress and a white wig. She is the youngest of the triplets and the shyest.

Dress Code: High Fashion: Film Fashion: Mirror Mirror`s magical gowns made w...

Dress Code: High Fashion: Film Fashion: Mirror Mirror`s magical gowns made w...: Evil Queen Ball Gown Swarovski once again adds depth and dimension to the big screen - this time, one of the most beloved stories of all ... Once again it has taken a fairy-tale to inspire me... My dress form will be arriving soon and until then I am spending a lot of time with my Manipulation of fabrics textbook as well as my Patter Drafting textbook... thinking of maybe being crazy and just skipping ahead to the Draping textbook. Looking forward to fashion classes in the fall!