Toys I want to play with and eat the results!

Today's curiosity turned into research... as it usually does, while looking for a hello kitty pot I saw in the store last year I came across, this for a product called cute in the kitchen.
This is a blog that I discovered today much to my dismay, it reveals to me far too many cool and innovative things in Japan that I must have. These two toys in specific. Meltingpot is a place to go and see more Hello Kitty stuff that I must have to make the perfect cute little tea party complete with a host of cute foods. Meltingpot has even more stuff that i would like to have.

Purchase Links (if anyone loves the child in me as much as i do, feel free to buy toys like these for yourself or for me :P)

Sushi roll maker
Sandwich press
Soba maker
Cucumber mold

Somehow this led me to look up Bento Lunches. I remember them as a small child and I remember seeing them a lot as a young adult. Now that I am getting ready to be a wife I'm seriously considering getting into this healthier and alternative option for lunch for myself and the soon to be hubby.
Lunchinabox is a cool site to go and visit and helps me also with my plans for training the next jr chef of america. This site led me to Spatulatta and Foodbackwards .

Is Google amazing or what? My brain is going to over load thinking about all the cool things that are going on in other states and how behind my Missouri is.

How do you set a trend and lead the way at the same time in an area that most people just really don't seem to care about? That search led me to yet another nice site Justbento Boy have I got my work cut out for me to get myself healthy and do it in a fun-self-loving-motivated-way. Here's to losing 33 pounds and enjoying every step of it.. tomorrow I guess I'll be looking up better ways to work out that do not require me to not have fun and not enjoy it. I know I'll look up more toys!
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