Menu Planning a relationship!

* Andromeda sets up a small luncheon table with a pretty lace table cloth
* Andromeda plans her lunch menu
E.:whatcha have in mind today
Andromeda:i did chicken salad sandwiches
Andromeda:butter cookies, lemonade and fruit yesterday
Andromeda:so today i'll have fruit
E.:sounds yummy
Andromeda:maybe i'll serve yesterdays menu again and just add some more to it
* E.nods
Andromeda:um.. lets see... chocolate chip cookies with pecans, strawberry or cherry lemonade, peach iced tea
Andromeda:what would go well with the waldorf chicken salad sandwiches....
E.:what's in season locally?
Andromeda:no idea.. strawberry i think
Andromeda:raspberry and blueberry
E.:now those would all be good accompaniment
Andromeda:yeah... added to the chicken salad sandwich.. or a blueberry, strawberry, raspberry topped cheesecake?
E.:either or both lol
Andromeda:which would make me not serve the cut up fruit and add maybe a potato salad or something
Andromeda:so now i still need another dish
Andromeda:menu planning, can be so difficult.. i'd like a class in it.. oh wait.. my bad that was 45 years ago
E.:lol Andromeda:i got it Friend, raisin and carrot cole slaw
Andromeda:it's light and healthy
E.:that is yummy too
* Andromeda smiles
B.: That sounds good
Andromeda:it only took 27 minutes to plan one lunch
Andromeda:god have mercy on me when i have to do it everyday
B.: but was it a quality lunch?
Andromeda:um.. it will be
E.:maybe it will get quicker
E.:as you practice
Andromeda:the menu so far is a blueberry, strawberry, raspberry topped cheesecake, chocolate chip cookies with pecans, strawberry or cherry lemonade, peach iced tea, and waldorf chicken salad sandwiches
Andromeda:i'll practice a lot
B.: Sounds great
S.: I like the way you think, Andromeda...dessert comes first on the menu :)
Andromeda:that way i can also learn to know what i need to shop for and when... as well as pay attention to seasonal foods
* Andromeda smiles
B.: a special occasion Andromeda?
Andromeda:well in the summer everything is served in small portions so why not
Andromeda:was thinking about the fact that when Mattias comes to visit it will be summer and i may have my own apartment.. so I've been playing around with what lunches I want to do with him and stuff
Andromeda:breakfast we do together or he does it :P and dinner... that's kinda simple, lot's of Thai and Indian and stuff.. it's cheap and we can dine in or do carry out
B.: You're really planning things out :)
* Andromeda nods
Andromeda:yeah, I think a lot...
Andromeda:and i want out time together to be the best.. while dating, while courting and eventually if we get married, while married
Andromeda:that means ironing out problems now and learning how to communicate
Andromeda:i'm kinda sucking at that atm
Andromeda:but i refuse to give up :P
Andromeda:i think that a relationship is like a job in that you have to work at it to get what you want
then privately...
B.: Hon, anybody who puts that much thought into planning a lunch hardly qualifies as "sucking" Mattias's a lucky guy :)
* Andromeda huggles B.:
* B.: hugs you back and smiles
B.: it's serious then?
* B.: smiles.. happy for you
B.: congrats hon
Andromeda:thanks very much!
Andromeda:that's if i can stop aggravating him
Andromeda:i seem to be really good at it
B.: eh, don't worry about it
B.: that's one of the signs... if they aggravate you and you still love 'em, it's right


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