Weather and Unintended Pregnancies

Is it just me or is it hotter all over the world today? I don't know if it's global warming or not
but I do know that it feels like there is increased gravity due to both the humidity and the wind pressure building towards the impending storm. It's supposed to start in a little over 3 hours and last for 8 hours.

In looking for the weather forecast I found a deeply disturbing article.

I no longer understand the world around me. If you do not educate your children, especially your daughters about sex, but you send them to school and you allow them to watch television, wear the latest fashion and make-up, do you really expect them to not be introduced to sex by the age of 10? We live in a highly sexualized culture, you have to educate your children so that they have knowledge about what they can and can't do, why they should and shouldn't and most importantly so that they know what and how you feel about the issue.

Educating your child about sex is the best form of prevention. Go to the library and get a copy of a human sexuality textbook and let them see the pictures of what different STD's look like, and talk to them about AIDS, HIV and Herpes and so on. Would you like your first talk with your 12 year old to be about how she is avoiding sexual situations, or her confessing she isn't feeling well to find that she is pregnant and infected?

I understand that many don't want to talk about sex because they have issues when it comes to sex, but relationships often run amok because parents don't talk to their children about what to and not to do.

That brings up the situation that most people encounter sex in, dating. If more fathers talked to their daughters about how a man is supposed to treat a women, female domestic abuse would almost disappear. (Unless of course your dad is one of the bad guys and hits your mother, then don't listen to him too much, enough to not get yourself hit, and then get away as soon as you are able.... college is a great escape from family issues of all kinds... go to college. Can't wait that long, call a relative you trust, now.) If mothers and fathers talk honestly with their children about their relationships and how they felt and what happened and is currently happening, it would save a lot of heartbreak and repeated misery.


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