Historic Black Photo found

While on the drive home from Smithfield Virginia we stopped in Richmond Virginia and ate at a Pancake House, this was one of the pictures on the wall. I have been searching for photos of black women from before 1955 for a long while. Finally some pay dirt that didn't involve something long weird or complicated. The photo is not in the best of conditions and before I alter it or try hard to clean it up I wanted to post it and share it with others. Just in case someone is interested or looking. If you read this and you have access to pictures this old please contact me. I want them from 1955 and back of women of color, even in other lands. Pictures of black children I will take so long as they predate color photos. Somedays I have issues with wondering where I fit in because when I see the past represented I am either the uniformed servant or nonexistant. Being an avid reader I know that seamstress was one of the acceptable jobs for black women so if we made the clothing there have to be pictures of us wearing the fashions... right?
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