Mirror and Me

So in looking at things for this wondrous Doll Mirror that is going to be the physical representation of my Vision Board to assist me in manifesting into reality things I dream about. I found a violin for her to have as I work on becoming a better violinist. Doll Mansion however I don't think it is the right size. I'll ask the man that takes care of my violin, if he knows of anything the right size. We went to the movies last night, and i took her with me. Her wrap that she came in is doubling as a carrier and bed mattress. I am using a half bandanna as a sheet for now. So I guess project #1 is to make her a set of bedding. Followed by a padded carrier carrying case... I'm open to suggestions. Though posted on the 29th, I edited and added the pick on the 15th of December at 4 am.


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