Tired of Being a Slave?

Why is everything so bleak? The weather is horrible, absolutely horrible. It feels like the Underworld outside and I keep waiting to see any of the Lords of the Underworld (Anubis, Osiris, Sokar, Hades, Hel, Orcus, ManannĂ¡n mac Lir, Nergal, Ammit, and so on), strolling by walking Cerberus on a leash made of chains as thick as my arm.

The water at Lindenwood University has been out since the middle of yesterday and is just now coming back on.
That means no shower and I love taking those thanks to the heat and sweat it produces. No toilet flushing either. Gross.

PFoodMan as usual is not prepared to deal with any type of emergency situation. Lunch was a salad bar and that was fine, however for dinner they gave us a ham sandwich, a 4 pack of Oreo cookies, a green apple and a bottle of cold water. There are more than 15 students from India that don’t eat meat; there are 6 students from Nepal that also don’t eat meat and at least 6 Muslims that don’t eat pork. Where was the turkey lunch meat? Where was the sliced cheese? Where were packets of condiments like mayonnaise, mustard or sandwich spread? The summer students both graduate and undergraduate work 32 hours of work and learn a week in which they receive room and board for free. I’ll talk all about Federal Work and Learn another day.

Why is the bureaucracy so full of it? Why do I need a piece of paper to prove that I can do what I can do? I think that we are doing things very wrong here, yes it is nice to have a system in which we train people to become professionals in their field, but must it take so long and must it cost so much? It’s no longer about educating people but about being a business and making money. Yes I know it's about accountability, but damn it I’m tired of feeling like I can't do anything without already having my degree. As a work and learn student I do things that a paid staff member should do, so if I am capable of doing the work why am I not allowed to receive the position or the pay?

Oh, I know why, I am a slave. “There are three components to being a slave: lack of education, being kept disarmed, and being kept poor.” I am very tired of being a slave, I want to be free. http://www.lewrockwell.com/orig6/case8.html A very good read that I found the other say that really spoke to me. I have often wondered why I sit in class and it is just the professors and I talking everyone else sits in silence as if they are not there or they have no idea what is going on. Are they scared of what others think of them that much or is it something else? And when will college educate instead of school?


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