Sunday, November 29, 2009

Mirror and Me

So in looking at things for this wondrous Doll Mirror that is going to be the physical representation of my Vision Board to assist me in manifesting into reality things I dream about. I found a violin for her to have as I work on becoming a better violinist. Doll Mansion however I don't think it is the right size. I'll ask the man that takes care of my violin, if he knows of anything the right size. We went to the movies last night, and i took her with me. Her wrap that she came in is doubling as a carrier and bed mattress. I am using a half bandanna as a sheet for now. So I guess project #1 is to make her a set of bedding. Followed by a padded carrier carrying case... I'm open to suggestions. Though posted on the 29th, I edited and added the pick on the 15th of December at 4 am.

New Beginnings

So I have been sitting idly by watching this new doll craze sweep the planet and from fear of cost and fear of the limited availability of Cocoa colored dolls, I have stayed away from something that inspires me to do things I have only but dared to dream of thus far. Then while attending a sewing class at Jackman's Fabrics/Artistic Fabric's my teacher, (the wonderful) Tricia showed me her vinyl BJD from Goodreau Dolls LLC, and I thought she was absolutely beautiful. Then she showed us the beautiful Kimono that she had made for her to wear and I was even more in love with her. Only one problem, I don't play with Caucasian dolls. Many may ask why, I'll explain it in short and another day explain it in long. Short, growing up my parents didn't allow us to play with dolls that didn't look like us, unless it was something special like, when I was learning classical ballet of South India, it was okay to have an India doll as long as "she didn't look white." Dad would have prefered I strip the doll naked and dress a black doll in he place. You are what you focus on and you become what you believe you can. So my dolls were mini me's and i'm not white so it didn't make sense to play "future me", "hopes and dreams me" and "where I see me" with a doll that didn't favor me.
So once I told Tricia that I didn't think I could afford her and she was the wrong color she informed me that there was a black or cocoa colored doll available named Mirror and what was more, that she was on sale... I felt time slow down and my heart fluttered as if ready to magically take flight to the Goodreau factory and lift the doll from the shelf immediately to take her home with me. I left that day feeling super happy.
That night I dreamed of a cocoa colored doll. I'm a paper crafter and I saw her all over the place and wondered who she was picked up an item and saw my company logo and woke up smiling. Good Omen #1. That morning I went to the website and looked her up and I was in awe, she was absolutely beautiful. That night I dreamed of her again, but this time she lead me to personal happiness and motivated me to stop dreaming and start doing. Good Omen #2. Her name is Mirror and I will call her Andromeda's Mirror, her name will be Andromeda Mirror Williams, until I locate a much cooler last name for her to have. This adventure is getting long and involved so I will break it up into parts...