Nongshim and Me

So I was really hungry, but I have the flu and so far everything I cook ends in disaster. Then I remembered that I had magic in my cabinet. Nongshim Shin Ramyun Black with No MSG So far these are some of my favorite ramyun noodles ever.  Sick as I was, I heard the angels sing. Not as spicy as the regular spicy pack stuffed me very well and made excellent soup broth.  Contents of the package. Dried package contents and weight. Soup Base #1 Turned the broth from clear to white. Soup base #2 with all the spiciness.  Turned the broth orange with red spots. I had chicken left over from chicken noodle soup with no noodles the night before. The results with almost no broth. The end results and now I can eat and be happy! And all I had to do was boil water. Budget gourmet dining at it's best. Now I just need more Nongshim products to eat! I have no idea why I weighed the contents of the packages, the flu made me do it! 

Elisabeth's Doll Room

Elisabeth's Doll Room: Witam wszystkich na moim blogu! Będę tu pisać głów... : Witam wszystkich na moim blogu! Będę tu pisać głównie o lalkach porcelanowych, książkach, planuję także recenzje sukienek i innych części ga... A pretty blog in Poland that I found and plan to keep visiting.

Fashion Quest

I have been learning fashion illustration and beginning fashion design at home on my own. I am now ready to start playing with sewing and basic garment construction. I want to learn about pleats . I found that awesome blog that is inspiring as well as informative. There are many pleats and techniques to learn. I will start with the jewelry pleat because it is most often used on petticoats and on skirts. I need to make many petticoats and skirts so I may as well focus my attention on the details needed to produce them. 


So there is this website called Free Rice that gives those in need free rice that you earn by playing games that help you and your brain. It is really awesome and you should give it a try!

New Nusic

So musically speaking I have always been able to carry a tune but the more I watch reality tv shows that talk about what it takes to be a really good singer the better I want to be. I don't want to be a pop star I want to be able to tell a story, my story through lyrics and music. I'd like to write songs that other people want to sing/hear. On this road I will be taking an even more serious look at the music I listen to and the songs that I sing along to. For tomorrow I will look at two songs and report my findings: A couple of forevers  and Titanium .
A Grammy outfit my cousin liked, and then my attempt at sketching out what I would do differently with the same outfit. Chrisette Michele a singer that before this post I had never heard of. I like her voice a lot. I have only been fashion sketching for about 3 weeks now, so much to learn so much to practice! I have to learn hands clearly, faces, hair, angles and finishing touches. I will add to this post once I fill up the pages with the ideas that hit my brain from this one outfit.

Korean Food

Oh how I love and adore Korean food! This is 3 different dishes at my favorite Korean restaurant in St. Louis,Mo. Asian Kitchen on Olive. As you can see the wonderful owner provides lot's of side dishes and service with a smile. Very friendly staff and great atmosphere. If you are new to Korean food I recommend the Beef Bulgoki (bulgogi). After your meal when your bill comes it comes with a little yogurt drink, if you like dreamsicles you will love this drink. It is a palate cleanser and also helps your stomach deal with anything spicy that you may have eaten. My favorites are Bibimbob, Kalbi, Bulgogi, Kimbob, dried seaweed, and eggs. I like the spicy dishes with garlic, seasoned red pepper paste and a touch of sugar.